Monday, July 11, 2011

The base ingredient at My Bakery

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Monday, June 27, 2011

Money is an evil necessary...

Illustration by Vane (me)
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Friday, June 10, 2011

Lost and Found

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Wednesday, June 1, 2011

I am not a success as a woman...

My theory of success is almost the same as my theory about happiness.  I think that success is not a place that we once get there we stay.   We must collect as many successful moments as we can during our lifetime.

It is the same philosophy I have with happiness.  Our lives are not perfect, so how happy we are is based on how often we have happy moments. 

This way of visualize success in life was not the view I had of it years ago.  In some point in life I thought that success was getting a profession, to form a family, have a house, and all the things our parents, teachers and the media (society) taught us.   I had all that, and yes in some way, I felt successful in life.

The dilemma came when for different causes and circumstances I lost my job.  In less than 4 years I have lost my house, cars, and other possessions and I was raising my boys by myself.   Even though I was going through moments that were challenging my survival skills, mental health and other aptitudes towards life, I felt successful too.  I then found that success is more than economic stability, a profession that give you a status or fame.  Success is finding the way or ways to strive in this challenging world.

One of those ways I found was to learn to live my now (still learning).  Every day for me is a milestone to success and happiness.  At the end of each day I reflect with some questions like:  How many happy moments I had during the day? How many successful moments?  A lot? My day was a success.  Not much? Tomorrow will be then....  

This new approach to life made me feel more relaxed about all the worries I have for things out of my control.  It is making me see things with equanimity and more efficient with the situations I really have some control and that depend of my actions to solve them.  

I am probably not a success as a woman, but I am a woman with many successful moments.

Thank you for reading!

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